Work Sample 1
Client: Community Care

As a charitable cause, Floodline proudly sponsored the reflective branding on this reaction vehicle. The chevron style detail was done in different colours of reflective for high visibility and the logos were printed on Hexis gloss printable vinyl.

Work Sample 2
Client name: Ms. Du Plessis

Ms. Du Plessis from Sandton asked us to do a wall mural in her baby room. The tree image was vector traced and cut on Matte finish vinyl and applied to the wall. When considering a wall mural the paint texture needs to be taken into account for longevity.

Work sample 3
Client name: Granny's Pies

Our Neighbours needed a big One-way-vision logo on their shopfront window. One-way-vision can be printed and applied to glass easily and serves a dual purpose - it creates privacy on the inside of the building and is effective in promoting your brand in a very visible way on surfaces that would otherwise be wasted space.

Work Sample 4
Client name: Kubota Parys

One of the mainstays of the signage industry - Good old Chromadek signs. This client had a big surface to cover in permanent signage, and the solution was simple. Chromadek lasts very long outdoors. The colours of this corporate brand needed to be matched very specifically and we used a combination of orange pigmented vinyl for a background and printed images on top of that.

Work sample 5
Fortuner Custom Branding

This customer approached us because he wanted a custom graphic on the side of his fortuner. This was an easy job and took about two hours to complete from conception to design, printing and application.